Ongoing Research

Learn more about the ongoing researches from the lab.

The research team is on the constant lookout for the cutting-edge areas of machine learning, deep learning, blockchain, and cloud computing. To ensure we are on par with the greatest researchers of the world, we keep a tab on our research domains.

Our current research as of now:


Mining news reports across the world on Covid-19 to understand how the pandemic affects society, business, and the economy. This uses the techniques of Natural Language Processing.

AI and Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an emerging and revolutionizing field with notable uncertainties of reliability to be used in mass scale. Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the other hand has proved to be a crucial helping tool in many domains. In this study, we will present a systematic review of the use of AI in DeFi in terms of impact, reliability and security, and perform a literary analysis. We will also include from our extensive literature review that we are able to identify possible research AI that can bridge the gap of trust between peers and might smoothen the integration of DeFi in coming future.